Top 5 Chew & Tug Toys For Dogs

Top 5 Chew & Tug Toys For Dogs

Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs, and offers a number of benefits, including helping them to digest food, and keeping their teeth clean. Chew toys are great for dogs because they provide them with exercise and mental stimulation at the same time. They also help clean their teeth and gums.


Chew toys come in various shapes and sizes, from simple rubber balls to plush toys, and we have put together a list of five of the top chew and tug toys that your pooch can enjoy.


What Are The Advantages of Chew Toys For Dogs?


Chew toys are a fantastic way to entertain your dog, but there are many other reasons why these toys are such a popular option. Here are just some of the advantages:


  • Exercise

Chew toys offer your dog a lot of exercise, as he has to work hard to get through the toy, and they often contain treats inside to encourage him to continue playing.


  • Mental Stimulation

These toys provide your dog with mental stimulation too, as he works to figure out how to open them, and once he does, he gets to see what’s inside.


  • Clean Teeth

By using your dog’s natural instincts to gnaw on something, they help to keep their teeth clean by removing plaque and tartar.


  • Fun

Playing with chew toys gives dogs a chance to have loads of fun, especially if they are given the opportunity to chase after the toy.


Top 5 Chew Toys


Now that we have taken a closer look at the advantages for your pet, here are the top five chew toys for your pooch to try!


  1. Beco Hemp Tug Rope

This hemp rope is an excellent chew toy for dogs. Made from 100% organic hemp fibre, this rope is soft and flexible, making it safe for your pup to play with. It's also hypoallergenic, so it won't cause any skin irritations. Your dog will love chewing on this rope, as it will provide him with both physical and mental stimulation, and is also great for keeping a dog's teeth clean and healthy.


  1. Kong Squeezz Dental Ball

For a toy that doubles up as a dental tool, this Kong Squeezz ball is the perfect solution. The ball is made of a flexible material that is safe for your dog and is covered in small textured knobs that clean the teeth while encouraging that instinctive chewing.  The ball can also be filled with treats to give your dog even more fun, and ensure that playtime lasts for longer.


  1. Chuckit! Ultra Ring Squeaky Dog Toy

As any dog owner will be aware, a squeaky toy is a perfect choice to keep your dog distracted for hours. This Chuckit Ultra ring squeaker is one of the best options available and is perfect for helping your dog to scratch that "need to chase!" itch. The design encourages extra topspin when thrown, and this causes the toy to hop, leap, jump and zig-zag, offering plenty of fun for your pooch to chase, and they will be rewarded with a squeak upon capturing their prize.


As an added bonus, the squeaking chamber of the toy is designed to fall back into the toy if it is dislodged, reducing the risk of choking.


  1.  Beco Hemp Chew Ball

If you're looking for a durable chew toy that your dog can take out for long walks or runs, then look no further than this Beco Hemp Chew ball. Made from 100% organic hemp fibres, this is a simple yet durable toy that your dog is sure to enjoy for years to come, providing him with tons of entertainment and exercise.


  1. KONG Wild Knots Bear

A classic favourite, this KONG Wild Knots bear toy is a must-have for every dog owner. With its unique knot-shaped skeleton in a plush casing, this toy encourages your dog to use his mouth and jaws to pull and twist the knots, giving him lots of fun and exercise at the same time. The toy is made from tough materials, which means it can withstand all sorts of rough play, and also squeaks when bitten, allowing your dog even more fun!


Final Thoughts


Choosing the right chew toy for your pooch is a great way to help them stay active and stimulated, have plenty of fun, and ensure they remain healthy and happy throughout life, with a particular focus on good oral and dental hygiene.


Whether your pooch favours a classic rope ball or is a fan of all things squeaky, our quality range will offer all that you need in order to treat your dog to the perfect chew toy. So, why not head over to explore our range today?

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