Best Dog Drying Towels For Wet Weather

Best Dog Drying Towels For Wet Weather

No matter what month of the year it is, you are bound to have some days that are going to be pouring with rain. Whether it’s rain or shine, your dog still needs to be taken out for a walk, so it’s very likely that they are going to end up getting wet.


If you fail to dry them effectively, your furry friend may end up getting cold, or, even worse, ill! That’s why you need to know the best dog drying towels and clothing available to use. Here are two suggestions from Hills & Hounds for drying your dog amid wet weather.


Clothing: Hotterdog Fleece Jumper


When your dog is wet, it’s important that you dry them off as quickly as you can. That way you can avoid them getting ill, cold, or hurt. If your dog is wet, it’s likely that they may slip on the floor and get hurt. They may also get other articles of fabric or furniture wet.


To avoid this happening, you may want to invest in the Hotterdog Fleece Jumper. This dog fleece jumper is very tight and comes in five different sizes. The sizes include:


  • X-Small (Neck: 22-27 cm, Chest: 33-40 cm, Collar to Tail: 28-34 cm)
  • Small (Neck: 30–35 cm, Chest: 43–52 cm, Collar to Tail: 35-44 cm)
  • Medium (Neck: 36–42 cm, Chest: 55-64 cm, Collar to Tail: 44-55 cm)
  • Large (Neck: 43-49 cm, Chest: 67-76 cm, Collar to Tail: 56–66 cm)
  • X-Large (Neck: 49-55 cm, Chest: 78-87 cm, Collar to Tail: 66-76 cm)


The fleece jumper is extremely warm and will embrace your dog around its chest, front legs, and belly. Ultimately, the jumper is long enough to extend all the way down to the base of the dog’s tail. This means that the dog will experience as much warmth as possible whilst it is drying off, or even after it has dried off.


Don’t worry about the jumper being too tight. Here at Hills & Hounds, we know that a happy dog is a dog that can feel free to run around. That’s why we offer a fleece jumper like this one to make sure the fabric is breathable for all sorts of dogs. Whether you own a large dog or a small dog, there are going to be times when they will want to run around your house, even after just having a bath. This is why it’s crucial that any clothing you put on your dog doesn’t restrict their movements. The Hotterdog Fleece Jumper will ensure your dog remains warm but also is still able to play and get on with their day-to-day lives.


Just don’t forget, if you have a dog that measures between the aforementioned sizes, it’s better to go for a larger size. That way, the dog will not be restricted by the outfit and you will find that it fits comfortably. Even if it is a little larger than expected, you will be able to use the extra fabric to help dry the dog, should you decide to use the Hotterdog Dog jumper as an additional towel/source of warmth. You can combine this with the use of a normal towel to dry down your furry friend.


What makes the Hotterdog Fleece Jumper so useful is that it is strap free and has no pressure points. That means it can be used both in the short term and long term as clothing after bath time, as well as for working dogs that take part in swimming activities or hydrotherapy. If your dog is consistently wet, perhaps because of its job or even because it just loves swimming, you need to have warm clothing available to dry it off quickly and effectively.


The Hotterdog Fleece jumper is the perfect outfit for any wet dog, namely because the fleece itself is water-repellent. It can also be easily dried after it has been washed. It works by the fleece fabric pushing moisture from the body and fur of the dog up towards the atmosphere. However, it also retains the dog’s body heat. Therefore, the dog will feel more comfortable when it is being dried.


You can use this fleece to dry the dog after it has come out of the water. Towel drying can become uncomfortable for the dog because of friction. In some cases, towel drying may even make the dog nervous about drying off. By putting the Hotterdog Fleece jumper on a dog, you will not have to rub them down with a towel. Instead, you can let the dog dry themselves by wearing something warm and comfortable. That means they can continue to move around and let the jumper naturally dry them off.


If you are interested in purchasing a Hotterdog Fleece Jumper, you can get them in three different colours. These are black, royal blue and red. Overall, it will cost you around £18.97. You can pay through PayPal or Google Pay. The Hotterdog Fleece Jumper will make a fantastic addition to your dog’s wardrobe. It’s the perfect thing to dry them off after wet weather, as well as baths and swimming trips. So, make sure to get one for your furry friend.


Clothing: Ruff & Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat


Drying off your dog is no easy task. Not only might they try and get away from you and your towel, but you may find that if they shake their fur, you end up getting absolutely soaked in the process. That’s why you need a coat that can help your dog dry off as quickly as possible. If this is what you want, you need to look at the Ruff and Tumble Drying Coat.


A dog drying coat can help your dog dry off in only a few minutes. Instead of being forced to use your towel to dry down your dog, you simply have to put the drying coat on them. From there, they can do whatever they want! The coat will quickly rub against their fur and they will naturally dry themselves off. The Ruff & Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat can make it easier for you to keep your dog clean and dry on outings, as well as when you go home. You will no longer need to worry about having to deal with a mountain of wet and smelly towels. Instead, you will only need to give the drying coat a quick wash whenever you like!


Vets recommend this drying coat because it is extremely useful for calming dogs down when they dry off, and they can even be used to calm down dogs in stressful situations, like Bonfire Night.


How the coat works is simple. Essentially, you place the coat on the dog and strap the Velcro around the dog’s stomach and neck. The dog can then run around or relax as much as it likes. As the dog is going about its daily business, the coat has two layers of towelling that can help absorb water from the dog. That way, it can essentially dry itself off.


What is so useful about this drying coat is that you can take it anywhere with you! So, if you go out with your dog during wet weather, then when you are done, your dog can be snuggled up in the back of your car. You don’t need to bring any towels. Instead, put the drying coat on them and they will be warm and comfortable as you take them home. This means they will not shiver and instead will feel extremely cosy. Even better, there will be no wet dog smell!


You can purchase the drying coat in a range of different sizes, including XS, S, M, M/L, L and XL. These coats also come in a variety of colours, including heather, brick red, bottle green and Sandringham blue. What’s even better about these coats is that the collar is extra deep. That means you can fold it up and make a little hood to help dry off your dog’s head and ears.


If you want to purchase the Ruff & Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat, you will find that it costs £36.95. We hope your furry friend enjoys their new coat!


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