HOTTERdog Fleece...3 Years On

The warm and cosy HOTTERdog fleece jumper is multipurpose, long lasting and allows incredible freedom of movement, even for the most energetic 4-legged adventurer!

HOTTERdog Fleece Border Terrier

The jumper covers the torso embracing the chest, belly and front legs, extending to the base of the tail. The fleece fabric is designed to wick moisture away from the body into the atmosphere while retaining body heat - a much more effective and comfortable alternative to leaving a dog in a wet towelling bag.

As they are strap-free with no pressure points, dogs can wear them for however long they need to. They have been found to work brilliantly for older dogs, keeping old bones warm to help with arthritis and also providing post-operative warmth and protection for recovering pups.

We've been using the HotterDog fleece jumper for the last 3 years and they're so comfy that it even put's a smile on our grumpy Border Terrier!

The fabric is top quality and has not faded or lost its shape, it is machine washable, tumble dries and needs no reproofing to retain its weather-proof properties. Our other dog is a Cocker Spaniel obsessed with swimming and having a wet, over-energetic dog in our campervan was a nightmare. Since using the HOTTERdog fleece, it has completely solved the problem. Once he has finished his swimming sessions and the jumper is on, he is comfortable and our space is dry and mud free.

The jumper is great to throw in a rucksack if you're wild camping, or just to stash in the car to put on after a long mucky walk, ours like to sleep in theirs when we're away in the cooler months or camping in the hills during spring.

You can find the HotterDog Fleece Jumper here, we stock it in 4 colours and 5 sizes covering all sizes of dogs from Chihuahua's to Rottweiler's.

We highly recommend this jumper and so do our dogs!

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