Best dog poop bags for your next dog walk

Best dog poop bags for your next dog walk

It is always best to be prepared, and part of being a responsible dog owner is having all the important things with you when you need them.


One such category of item, in particular, is dog poop bags, which come in a variety of styles and configurations. If you don’t have a bag to store your poop bags, then here are the best dog poop bags for your next walk.




One of the biggest considerations most dog owners now have is whether the poop bags are biodegradable. There are many types on the market that are ideal for what they are designed to do, plus can be composted and broken down easily.


One of the most popular types is those made from cornstarch. These can be a little chunkier than other types, but they can still fit in the dispensers.


If you are not keen on holding the full poop bag and carrying it around with you, then you can always get something like the Duck Soup Dicky Bag. This is an airtight bag that you can put your full poop bags into, so that you can dispose of them later.




You might not have thought about it, but there are actually different sizes of dog poop bags that you can buy. Much of this depends on how much you need to pick up as larger dogs produce more than smaller ones.


There is also a comfort element, as you want to have enough room to use them without any issues. If you have large hands, smaller bags might not be suitable.


Scented or unscented?


To help with odour, many dog poop bags are now scented. The fragrance is often similar regardless of the type you buy, but some users might not want to have any scent at all. If you are using a container to put the used bags in until they can be thrown away, you might not need the scented varieties.


Some scented bags may also cause allergies if someone is allergic to scented products. It is best to try them first before you take them out with you, just in case. The same goes for any bags as you want to know that they will work.




The last thing you will want is the bag splitting at the worst possible moment. Although there are many cheaper poop bags out there, they are often quite thin and may rip or split, especially if you have to use them on rocky ground.


It is a good idea to test a few versions from different manufacturers before settling on one that is strong enough to make you feel confident that they won’t break. As with the last point, test the poop bags in your garden first before relying on them on your walk.




While dealing with poop might not exactly be the best part of walking your dog, it is part of being a responsible pet owner. It therefore stands to reason that you should always try to use the best possible poop bags for clearing away your dog’s mess.



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