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Weenect 2 Dog GPS Tracker

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The Weenect Dog GPS Tracker Requires a Subscription

The Weenect GPS Dog Tracker is the world's smallest GPS for dogs with real-time tracking and no distance limit.

It's the ideal solution to protect and keep track of your dog. You can track your dog's movements on a real time map via the smartphone app (iOS and Android). 

The device allows you to be alerted if your pet leaves a defined geofence via a notification that will be sent directly to your phone. The integrated SIM card is international (working all over Europe) and multi-operator (connecting to the cell service of all telephone operators) for 99% coverage.

Multiple pets equipped with a tracker can be located from the same account. This makes it easier to track them on the map, check battery life, the quality of the cellular network and the state of the internet connection. This means you can very easily keep multiple dogs safe at the same time.

It is a complete wireless tracking system and is the only GPS dog tracker that can replace a dog training collar. There is no need to spend hours looking for your dog after taking it for a walk, by making the tracking device ring or vibrate at each meal time, it will begin to associate the two events; you can then call it for dinner with a quick click in the app.

You can easily follow the path you took on your dog walks, track activity, average speed, daily distance travelled and time spent playing or sleeping. With the Weenect tracking system you increase your understanding of your dogs needs.


Main features

Your user account is accessible online from a browser and on a mobile device from the Weenect application.

- GPS System

- Training Abilities

- Geo-Fence

- Location History


Main Specifications

- Silicone Case; Allows you to attach the tracker to any dog collar.

- Waterproof; The GPS is 100% submersible to IP67 standard for waterproofing up to 1 metre deep.

- Battery; Up to 3 days of battery life

- Size; It is the smallest and lightest dog GPS tracker in the world (60x23x12mm - 25 grams)

Why do I need a subscription?

Weenect Dog GPS trackers retrieve their position from orbiting satellites, then send it to our servers via their integrated SIM card. This is why a subscription is necessary to operate the tracker (to cover service costs).

There are subscription-free trackers, but these do not provide the same guarantees. In fact, this type of product neither allows for real time tracking nor tracking over unlimited distances - something which is vital for the security of your loved ones and animals.

You choose your subscription plan when you register your tracker and subscriptions start from £3.18 per month.


How to Set Up

Simply download the Weenect app on iOS or Android or create an account at my.weenext.com and follow the on screen instructions.


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