Doodlebone Rambler Extender Lead Blue
Rambler 5m Retractable Lead

Rambler 5m Retractable Lead

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The fantastic Rambler 5m retractable lead lets lively dogs race around in safety. You stay in control while they explore life as far as 5m away, that's 16 feet of lead, enough for your pet to discover all sorts of exciting scents and playthings.

The Doodlebone® Rambler retractable dog lead features a soft-grip handle and a clever one-touch quick-stop braking button to reel them in quickly and comfortably without a fuss. The lead is suitable for large dogs up to 25kg in weight and it comes in a vivid blue or a bright, vibrant purple, both of which go brilliantly with the colourful Bold dog collars.

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