Fitting Guide

Getting the right fit on your new doggy product is vital to ensure that your product does what it should and doesn't cause discomfort or irritation to your 4-legged friend. We've included specialist fitting instructions for each of the brands that we stock. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ancol Size Guide

Ancol Size Guide

Hotter Dog Size Guide

Hotter Dog Measurements

HOTTERdog garments are sized according to the three measurements shown in the diagram opposite. The various sizes available are summarised in the table below together with suggested breeds for each size. Please note this information is for guidance only.

Clear information is provided on the outside of the packaging allowing customers to measure their dog and decide what size they need.




Collar to Tail




28–34cm (11–14") 33–40cm (13–16") 22–27cm (9–11") XS – Extra Small
35–44cm (14–18") 43–52cm (17–20") 30–35cm (12–14") S – Small
45–55cm (18–22") 55–64cm (22–25") 36–42cm (14–16") M – Medium
56–66cm (22–26") 67–76cm (26–30") 43–49cm (17–19") L – Large
66–76cm (26–30") 78–87cm (31–34") 49–55cm (19–22") XL – Extra Large